The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: Sting (Nava Katz #2)

I stood there … trying to free myself from his grip, but it was like trying to pry loose the safety bar on the roller coaster. No one was getting off this ride until it was finished. – Nava Katz

50% boobs. 50% sarcasm. 100% new breed of hunter.

After a bumpy start as the only female demon hunter in the top secret Brotherhood of David, Nava Katz heads to Prague for her first undercover mission: unmasking a demon movie star. She’d be all kinds of thrilled if it weren’t for the fact that her fellow hunter-with-benefits, Rohan Mitra, has reclaimed his rock star status and assigned Nava the role of groupie.

Rejecting her “be a good girl and follow orders” directive, Nava unleashes an alter ego guaranteed to hook their celebrity target and drive Rohan crazy. No downside–until she finds herself up against Rohan’s past, the Brotherhood’s antiquated thinking, and her own identity issues, turning her personal life into the bomb that could blow up the entire operation.

Sparkly and deadly; it’s a plan.

“My favorite urban fantasy series so far this year.” – Uncaged Book Reviews

“Nava Katz is the funniest, bad-a$$, hot mess of a demon hunter you could ever want to meet.” – Sunnyles, Reviewer, Amazon.

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